Sony Ericsson xperia Arc S – The Smart Device to Walk Fast with Technology

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Sony Ericson Xperia
A Small Introduction:

Being the winner of the European Camera Phone 2011-2012 award, Sony Ericsson Experia Arc S is hot on the wheels of Sony Ericsson. Being a new member in the Experia family, it is much more advanced than the Experia Arc. The only change and the most significant feature of this handset is its powerful processor. Along with these, its dashing look makes it nicer than others. The most lavishing feature of this gadget is its Sony 3D sweep panorama technology, by which the user is able to snap 3D pictures. “Music Unlimited” and “Video Unlimited”, both these features make the gadget favourate of all.
Quick Flashback on the Features:

Sony Ericsson xperia arc s-3

When it comes to Sony Ericsson, two features which automatically strike in mind are its music and camera. But apart from these there are various features, by which Sony Ericsson’s new device Xperia Arc S is loaded.

The handset is available in the most stunning colours like Pure White Midnight Blue, Misty Silver, Gloss Black and Sakura Pink. Being available with the measurements size of 125 x 63 x 8.7 mm, the gadget weighs just 117 grams.

Now all are very keen to know about the camera, of this new series, so it comes well-equipped with 8.1 Mega Pixel camera with Exmor R for mobile image sensor and all other advanced features including 3D sweep panorama, 16x smart zoom, Auto focus, Geo tagging, Video recording, LED Flash and lots more.


The display of the phone is really magnificent as compare to other set of phones, as it has a visually brilliant 4.2 inch Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA Engine which gives you an experience of big large screen TV.

Apart from all these, music is always mind blowing in all the sets of this brand, and especially in this one it has various options like Bluetooth stereo, PlayNow service, Sony Ericsson Music Player with xLOUD Loudness Enhancement Technology.
Technology Used and Back Up:

Sony Ericson Xperia

The powerful 1.4 GHz processor delivers up to 25% faster entertainment compared to Xperia arc. And latest Android platform Gingerbread 2.3 makes it a complete hi-tech phone satisfying the thirst of the technology lovers. It comes with a long lasting durable battery giving best performance to play music and videos.
Good for whom?

This would be very unfair to fix this phone for a category of people. Whether it a student, housewife, business personals or just entertainment lovers, this device fulfills the need of all and consist of numerous features which makes it multi-tasking device. But, if we especially focus on some group of people then mainly technology paramours and entertainment lovers like it the most.

Starting from the dimensions, it comes in the amazing size and weight with dashing look and colours availability. Talking about its camera then it is capable of doing professional photography as it comes with various advanced features and 3D sweep panorama, which makes it a professional clicking device.Technology wise, the availability of the most powerful 1.4 GHz processor, fasten the speed of the phone.

Sony Ericsson xperia arc s-2

The handset not come with the sufficient battery backup, it has just only 320 MB ROM and a 512 MB RAM. Although it can be expand up to 32GB with micro SD card but still too less as compare to other features.The connectivity options are not very good enough, as it has an upper limit of 86kbps and 237kbps respectively.
Summing up:

Overall, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S is a real competitor of Arc and also rival of various Android phones available in the

market. The fast performance and its 3D capability make it a real discovery of this fast technology. So, it would be a mistake if you still miss the opportunity and slipped in getting this.


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Samsung Galaxy S2: Prepare Yourself For Samsung’s Thinnest Smartphone

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samsung galaxy sii

One of the mobile phone giants, Samsung, has been tirelessly working on developing better models by tweaking, enhancing and incorporating more improved features. This characteristic has made mobile phones from Samsung much sought-after by customers world-wide. Samsung brings to the table Galaxy S 2. It is a smart phone with all the frills. It boasts of a huge 4.3-inch screen an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.2 GHz processor operating Android 2.3 Gingerbread. All these aregracefully packed into an unbelievably slim and light body. Galaxy S2 is available SIM-free for around £500.



  1. High-resolution screen
  2. Dual core 1.2 GHz processor enabling efficient parallel processing
  3. Slim and stylish
  4. Face and smile detection
  5. KIES Air desktop software
  1. Older version of Android
  2. Redundant software applications

samsung galaxy sii


A slice of Apple

If the rounded-rectangle look, chrome edging and central home button got you wondering if you’re looking at iPhone 4, turn it over; the textured grill-like exterior will bring you back to Galaxy S 2. Though some of its features have a striking resemblance to the iPhone 4, its large display, and ultra slim body measuring 8.49mm and weighing just 115 g distinctly sets it apart from the iPhone. The feather-light body of the S2 will get you thinking if it is missing a widget or two.

Easy on the eye

Unroot Samsung Galaxy S2

Its 480*800-pixel panel may not be the highest of resolutions, however, you can rest assured it would not send you to the ophthalmologist. The S 2 uses super AMOLED Plus display tech which makes it an impressive screen. The 4.3-inch screen springs to life at the touch of the lock button with its bright and colourful homescreen and its neatly arranged menus are a lavish treat for your eyes. Unlike other smart phones, sunlight plays less havoc on your viewing ability on S 2.

Tech at its best

Inside its plush body resides dual-core 1.2 GHz processor that gives you the experience of a lifetime. Browsing, playing Flash videos or running multiple applications simultaneously has never been better. So, gear up to match its speed! In addition, S 2’s unique motion-control feature lets you zoom pages in and out by just moving the phone forwards and backwards. This feature also helps you customise your homescreen. Another impressive gesture control bearing Samsung’s stamp is its latest version of TouchWiz 4.0 skin on Google OS. Samsung-specific software preloaded on Galaxy S 2 is worth every mention. Another of its interesting features is the Task Manager that saves you the trouble of monitoring and closing down applications running in the background thereby conserving battery life too. Polar Office comes to your aid when you want to view or edit any of you important Doc, Excel or PowerPoint files on the move.

And then you have the Samsung hubs which include gaming, e-book, social and music. You have a plethora of games, books and music available in the Android market for you to download and sit back and enjoy. Galaxy S 2’s fairly interactive and user friendly Kies Air desktop software enables you to explore your phone’s contents over Wi-Fi.

Capture the moment

Samsung Galaxy S2

With S 2’s 8-megapixel camera, you will never miss your child’s first step! It delivers high quality shots and displays a broad range of scene modes. Moreover, you can also shoot 1080p video. Its battery life is also commendable. It can easily run for a day without having to be charged.

Summing up, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 is certainly not a ‘run of the mill’ phone. It is sleek, feature-rich and loaded with an array of widgets catering to your every need.

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Nokia X7– Affordable Mobile Phone, Yet with a Good Quality

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Nokia X7 feature 4

A Small Introduction:

Good news for all mobile lovers! Today when the technology has become so advanced that there is no difference left between a mobile phone and a PC. In this situation, it is happy to announce that, Nokia has come up with a latest series of a mobile phone with latest technology. In the new range of Nokia mobile phones that latest one is Nokia X7. Being also known as the music device this lovely handset is latest smartphone running on the Symbian technology. Perfection and quality, these two words are just ideal to define the handset. Being a product of the biggest mobile giant, this gadget is perfect for all hi-end features and well-defined technology. Whether you are a music lover or keeps a hobby of photography, this is capable to fulfill all your desires.

Quick Flashback on the Features:

Nokia X7

For a quick review of the features available in Nokia X7 is like injustice. As this handset is filled with so many features that it takes a long time to count all.

Starting from its wide display which is 4.0 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen with the compatibility of showing 16 million colors. With the screen resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, this is ideal for all types of navigation, to enjoy high-definition games and viewing of images. Along with these, it has cutting edge display with the protection of thin film of glass called Gorilla glass.

For entertainment seekers, it gives high quality music through Mp3 player to listen all your favourate tracks. With the availability of the 4 speakers, the user can easily listen songs at high sound and can enjoy. Along with these, the FM Radio with RDS is ideal to be always stay tuned with music.

Adding to its entertainment feature, the gadget is well-furnished with the 8 mega pixel camera with dual LED flash and a video player with the capacity of 720p video recording at 30 fps.

Designed especially for staying in touch, you can get real time emails and live updates 24 x 7. With full customizable home screen, you can directly visit to any sites or enjoy various social networking sites.

Additionally, the user can also access on demand Web TV giving easy access to BBC, IBN and CNN. For connectivity, it has a support of 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB to transfer all important information and data’s.


Technology Used and Back Up:

Nokia X7 feature 4

Nokia X7 runs on the latest Symbian Anna PR 2.0 OS, along with integrated NFS Shift. With the 1300 mAh battery, the handset gives a talk time of 6 h 30 min at GSM and 4 h 30 min at WCDMA. Along with these, it also gives a standby time of 450 h at GSM and WCDMA 450 h.

As per its storage capacity, the mobile phone comes with the in-built memory of 350 MB with the micro SD slot of 32GB.

Good for whom?

Being a hi-tech gadget, this is ideal for all age group of people and especially for new generation people. For all those who like to spend their most of time while enjoying at various social networking sites. And also for those, who has a great love for music and photography.


Nokia x7

The phone boast a good solid build body with unique design along with a 4-inch AMOLED screen.

Free voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.


It has fixed focus camera.

Price is not affordable in everyone’s budget.

Summing Up:

For fans of the Nokia brand, this Symbian mobile phone is ideal to use. In short, a user can easily use it like a mobile phone, a small PC and a music device. So the purchase of this gadget can easily fulfill all your desire’s and needs.

Watch The Video Of Nokia X7

Why Windows Phone 7 did not meet its launch expectations

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Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 was hyped a lot by Microsoft before launch as being the ultimate mobile phone platform and how it would take a commanding lead in the smartphone sector within a short period of time. Although the platform was met with a positive reaction, the initial sales of the devices running it were not up to the mark that Microsoft had hoped. There were several circumstances that led to this.

Windows Phone 7

A very competitive market

Windows Phone 7 was coming into a market that already had some extremely strong competition. Windows Mobile devices had almost evaporated from the market and Microsoft had no footing in the smartphone arena. It was bringing in a new platform that was built from scratch and had no loyal customers at launch. This meant that people decided to wait before buying Windows Phone 7 devices in order to check out the reception of the devices and the platform beforehand.

Along with that the competition in the mobile phone industry was also very strong. Android is spreading like wildfire nowadays and Apple’s iOS is also increasing its sales. Both of these platforms have been on the planet since the past couple of years and have had several opportunities to iron out their flaws. Windows Phone 7 hasn’t gotten a chance yet and has been released even without basic copy-paste functionality.

Lack of Applications


Windows Phone 7 currently has about 6,000 applications. Although there is nothing shabby about this number, it pales when compared to the number of applications in iOS and Android. iOS currently has in excess of 300,000 applications and Android has more than 200,000. Several important applications were not released on the platform at launch, notably including Rovio’s Angry Birds, whose logo Microsoft had shown in a few press images.

As time passes by and the user base of Windows Phone 7 expands, there will undoubtedly be much more interest from the developers’ side for Windows Phone 7. This would increase the number of applications as well as the number of users of the platform. Until then, Android and iOS will also have developed further.

Thus, although Windows Phone 7 had a good start, it still has got quite a lot of catching up to do if it wants to compete with platforms such as Android and iOS, both of which have taken quite a sizeable lead in the smartphone market.


The Nexus S is the phone from Google that has replaced the groundbreaking and ubiquitous Nexus One, and it does disappoint in several ways. Made in partnership with Samsung, the phone does not bring anything groundbreaking features to the table.


Only incremental updates

Windows Phone 7

The only especially breathtaking item on the phone’s spec sheet was Google’s latest version of Android, 2.3, also known as Gingerbread. This operating system has since the arrival of the Nexus S appeared on other smartphones as well, such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Thus the hottest new virtue of the phone is going to be available on a multitude of devices in the near future.

On the hardware front, the Nexus S disappointed. There was the same Cortex A8 processor that has been running on other phones since the past year. Along with that only the Super AMOLED display had something to speak about itself. There is a pretty basic (by Android flagship standards) 5 megapixel camera on the device which takes only just decent photos.

What Google failed to create

The Nexus One was a device that was revered around the world as a great all-round Android phone and it had some of the best smartphone technology of its time. It was worshipped by developers as a tool that would help them in development of applications for a long time to come.

The Nexus S was also supposed to be the device with the same predicament. With dual-core Tegra 2 chips around the corner, Google’s latest device definitely looks underpowered. Had Google waited and brought along a device with the latest dual-core Tegra 2 processor, the following as well as the demand of the Nexus S would have been a lot more.

Instead Google brought along a device that was good to some extent but it did not have any breakthrough features that consumers would have liked. There are several handsets on the market today that can match the spec sheet of the Nexus S without any problem.

What happens when dual-core phones are released

Although several dual-core, Tegra 2 handsets were announced recently, we have got yet to see how much of these see the light of the day in the coming 2-3 moths. The performance of these handsets has already been detailed by benchmarks as being extremely improved over even the fastest single-core processors.

When dual-core phones will be released, the Nexus S will reach the end of its popularity and the remaining sources of Android influence on the device will diminish. If Google had gone for a dual-core smartphone, the Nexus S would have been the most popular smartphone for quite a long time both as a consumer device and a developer one.